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Steven Earl Trytten

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PRACTICE AREAS * Real Estate * Corporate Law * Finance and Commercial Lending * Business Counseling * Business Litigation The firm possesses expertise in most every area encountered by today's READ MORE

Karl Ibrahim Swaidan

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In addition to serving many individuals and family owned businesses in their personal and business matters, Hahn & Hahn LLP also serves as general or special counsel to a wide variety of larger entiti READ MORE

Kneave Riggall

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Kneave Riggall 1917 Oxley St South Pasadena CA 91030 Tel: 626 799-7219 Fax: 626 799-7219 E-mail: krtaxlaw@yahoo.com READ MORE

Joseph Fitzgerald Moore

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Joseph F Moore 726 1/2 Mission St South Pasadena CA 91030 Tel: 626 799-0101 Fax: 626 799-0102 READ MORE

Arthur James McDaniel

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Holthouse Carlin & Van Trigt LLP, a full-service accounting and consulting firm, emphasizes six major areas of practice. * Privately Owned Businesses Some of the Firm's largest clients are closely READ MORE

David Thomas Kalish

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David T Kalish Estate Planning Services 500 E Cordova St Pasadena CA 91101 Tel: 626 795-3160 Fax: 626 795-3144 E-mail: dkalishesq@aol.com READ MORE

Boyd Denfeld Hudson

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Boyd D Hudson Adams Hawekotte & Hudson 201 S Lake Ave #606 Pasadena CA 91101-3081 Tel: 626 583-8000 Fax: 626 577-9400 E-mail: bdhlawyer@aol.com READ MORE

Shahen Hairapetian

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HAIRAPETIAN & HAIRAPETIAN represents clients in several areas of the law, including: * Litigation * Product liability * Business transactions * Estate planning * Probate * Taxation * Petroleum READ MORE

Robert William D'Angelo

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Robert W D'Angelo Myers & D'Angelo 301 N Lake Ave #800 Pasadena CA 91101-4108 Tel: 626 792-0007 Fax: 626 792-0037 E-mail: m-dlaw@pacbell.net READ MORE
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