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Olive Magee Warner

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Olive M Warner 1275 E Green St Pasadena CA 91106 Tel: 626 792-9605 Fax: 626 792-9645 E-mail: omagee@aol.com READ MORE

Steven Earl Trytten

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PRACTICE AREAS * Real Estate * Corporate Law * Finance and Commercial Lending * Business Counseling * Business Litigation The firm possesses expertise in most every area encountered by today's READ MORE

Calvin Allen Slater

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Estate Planning: * Revocable Living Trusts * Separate Property Trusts * Special Needs Trusts * Pet Trusts * Wills * Insurance Trusts * Charitable Planning * Wea READ MORE

Leslie Diane Rasmussen

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Leslie D Rasmussen 301 E Colorado Blvd #407 Pasadena CA 91101 Tel: 626 795-7400 Fax: 626 795-7496 E-mail: Ldr@LRaslaw.com READ MORE

John Patrick Poxon Jr

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John P Poxon Jr Gorton Janosik & Poxon LLP 909 E Green St Pasadena CA 91106 Tel: 626 795-2933 Fax: 626 796-7314 E-mail: jpoxon@gjpattorneys.com READ MORE

Gloria Scharre Pitzer

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With Pasadena roots reaching back to 1891, Palermo, Barbaro, Chinen & Pitzer with its predecessors is the oldest law firm in the city. For more than a century, the attorneys who have comprised the fir READ MORE

Ruth A Phelps

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Phelps, Schwarz and Phelps is a law firm engaged primarily in the practice of law in the areas of law relating to those persons and their families facing long term illness as a result of illness or ag READ MORE

Richard Frank Miller

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Richard F Miller APC 199 S Los Robles Ave #511 Pasadena CA 91101 Tel: 626 584-1400 Fax: 626 584-1447 READ MORE

James Francis Miller

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Services * Estate & Tax Planning * Probates & Trusts * Employment Law * Elder Law * Real Estate Law * Business Law Law Office of James F Miller 1275 E Green St Pasadena CA 91106-2616 Tel: READ MORE

Valerie Jorgensen Merritt

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AREAS OF PRACTICE * Estate Planning * Probate * Trust Administration * Elder Law Calleton, Merritt, De Francisco & Real-Salas, LLP, provides personalized legal services for individuals, familie READ MORE

Craig Douglas Lucas

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Craig D Lucas 301 E Colorado Blvd #325 Pasadena CA 91101 Tel: 626 796-7194 Fax: 626 449-6296 READ MORE

David Thomas Kalish

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David T Kalish Estate Planning Services 500 E Cordova St Pasadena CA 91101 Tel: 626 795-3160 Fax: 626 795-3144 E-mail: dkalishesq@aol.com READ MORE

John Thomas Janosik

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John T Janosik 909 E Green St Pasadena CA 91106 Tel: 626 795-5151 Fax: 626 796-7314 READ MORE

Candis Tyson Ipswitch

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Candis T Ipswitch 301 E Colorado Blvd #526 Pasadena CA 91101-1991 Tel: 626 792-1156 E-mail: candisi@aol.com READ MORE

Timothy David Hummel

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Timothy D Hummel 726 1/2 Mission St South Pasadena CA 91030-5324 Tel: 626 799-0101 Fax: 626 799-0102 E-mail: timhusco@earthlink.net READ MORE

Susan T House

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In addition to serving many individuals and family owned businesses in their personal and business matters, Hahn & Hahn LLP also serves as general or special counsel to a wide variety of larger entiti READ MORE

Galen Frank Griepp

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Galen F Griepp 1000 E Walnut St #206 Pasadena CA 91106-5311 Tel: 626 584-8900 Fax: 626 584-8901 E-mail: estateplanners@aol.com READ MORE

Martin Barry Goldman

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Martin B Goldman 301 E Colorado Blvd #616 Pasadena CA 91101 Tel: 626 793-6774 Fax: 626 356-0305 E-mail: mgold4law@aol.com READ MORE

David Granger Bunn

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David G Bunn Bunn & Bunn 2 N Lake Ave #1000 Pasadena CA 91101-4190 Tel: 626 792-9421 Fax: 626 796-1436 E-mail: dgbunn@2northlakelaw.com READ MORE

Darrell Gene Brooke

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Darrell G Brooke 301 E Colorado Blvd #407 Pasadena CA 91101-1920 Tel: 626 795-7400 Fax: 626 795-7496 E-mail: brookelaw@earthlink.net READ MORE

Stephen Paul Bezaire

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The Law Offices of Stephen P. Bezaire is a full-service estate planning law firm. The firm handles a broad range of estate planning and estate tax matters such as Living Trusts, Life Insurance Trusts, READ MORE

Robert Duke Bannon

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Robert D Bannon Anglea & Bannon APC 1111 S Arroyo Pkwy #470 Pasadena CA 91105 Tel: 626 584-8800 Fax: 626 584-8807 E-mail: robert@bannontaxlaw.com READ MORE

Alexandra Laboutin Bannon

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Alexandra L Bannon Anglea & Bannon APC 1111 S Arroyo Pkwy #470 Pasadena CA 91105 Tel: 626 584-8800 Fax: 626 584-8807 READ MORE
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